Safer Arizona is gearing up for our 2016 marijuana legalization campaign. We are currently still an all volunteer staff until sometime after the 2014 November election. Please support the cause and help us continue our effort to legalize cannabis in Arizona. Click the PayPal “Donate” link below to make a contribution today.


Phoenix Arizona Cannabis Prohibition Protest Tour

Arizona! Do you want to protest cannabis prohibition and help build the movement to legalize cannabis in Arizona? If yes than follow our Phoenix Arizona Cannabis Prohibition Protest Tour!

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My name is Dave Wisniewski. I am an Honorably Discharged U.S. Army Combat veteran formally known as Sergeant Wisniewski. Today I am a Cannabis Legalization/Civil Rights Activist speaking out in regards to our stolen freedoms. I took an oath to protect our freedom to come home to an ever more oppressed society holding the largest prison population in the history of mankind. You can bet that I am very livid about the abuse of my people and I cannot stand silent. I must tell the world, I must be heard, cannabis prohibition is a fraud among so many others and we need to protest them all. I am going on a protest tour in the Phoenix Arizona metropolitan area that I am inviting you all to come out and join me for. The way the tour works is simple. I will publicly share my protest schedule and route with a Google map attached on Facebook and an email. The protest schedule will be grouped in 3 or 4 week increments. The route will say where I will be, when I will be there, and how long I will be there for approximately. I will do the same route every week 3 or 4 weeks in a row then the next set of 4 weeks I will have a new set of locations. All you have to do is look at the map and come out. If you missed a protest in the first week on the 3 or 4 week increments then it’s okay because you can come out the next 3 times in the same location. I will be putting out the Protest route Sunday of each week and it will also be on the Calendar at Please follow the tour on facebook as well Phoenix Arizona Cannabis Prohibition Protest Tour! (On Facebook) If you don’t live in Phoenix and want to start something like this locally in AZ let me know and we can make a campaign for your city and we can add your map to our calendar as well. Keep in mind the protest may not all be about cannabis. There are a lot of things we need to be yelling about and if you want to protest a different area of interest we will do that to. In fact I encourage it. The First day of the tour is Monday August 18th. I will be putting out the first route Sunday August 17th Please support the cause. If you have any questions, feedback, advice, suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email me at Thank you. Safer Arizona

Legalize Arizona 2016

6/17/14 Ariz. group ends '14 effort to legalize marijuana Ryan Van Velzer, The Arizona Republic 10:45 p.m. EDT June 17, 2014 PHOENIX -- Arizona residents won't be toking up in public anytime soon. At least, not legally. Safer Arizona, a cannabis-reform political-action committee, announced it stopped collecting signatures for its 2014 ballot initiative to legalize marijuana last week. The volunteer-driven initiative fell well below the 250,000 signatures necessary to get on the ballot, said Mikel Weisser, executive director for Safer Arizona. "It was around a third of what we were after," Weisser said. "It's not going to be a number that we are rallying behind, it's a benchmark to improve from." The organization lacked the funding and the manpower to collect all the required signatures, he said. All four of the volunteer organizers held day jobs and could work on the legislation only part time. Additionally, the ballot initiative faced pushback from within the pro-marijuana community. The measure, if passed, would have redirected the issuing of marijuana licenses from the Arizona Department of Health Services to a revenue-related department, Weisser said. "There were people in the dispensary industry and the cannabis establishment that liked our vigor and verve, but a lot of people were worried about what we would do for the business model," he said. Safer Arizona isn't throwing in the towel, however. The organization has already begun redirecting the momentum of the signature campaign for a 2016 ballot initiative, one that reflects the needs of the community, he said. Weisser will have his first public meeting for the 2016 initiative with the Yavapai Cannabis Coalition on Wednesday. "One of the things we have is tens of thousands of people who have already signed for us, and hundreds of people who have already volunteered for us and now we will be able to build out of that a much mightier ballot initiative," Weisser said. To do that, Safer Arizona plans to build a united front with the Marijuana Policy Project, the organization that drafted Arizona's medical-marijuana bill, and already has plans to draft a bill similar to the one passed in Colorado. "Over the next couple years we will be building a broad coalition of community activists, local leaders, organizations and businesses that are committed to passing a law that regulates marijuana similarly to alcohol," said Mason Tvert, director of communications for the Marijuana Policy Project. "Our strong network of support in the state will be strengthened even further by joining forces with the dedicated activists behind the 2014 effort. Marijuana prohibition's days are numbered in Arizona," Tvert said.

"Ariz. group ends '14 effort to legalize marijuana - USATODAY

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Why end marijuana prohibition? Please watch this video as it explains the truth.


For Immediate Release—
Safer AZ Defendants’ Rights Conference to Feature High Profile MMJ “Outlaws”
Contact: Mikel Weisser, Executive Director, Safer Arizona
What: Defendants’ Rights Conference Featuring Billy Zonka & Billy Hayes
When: Thursday July 3, 2014
Where: Tempe’s Finest Up in Smoke smoke shop, 25 w Baseline, Suite 2, Tempe, AZ 480-755-0187
In time for his pretrial hearing Monday July 7th in Yavapai County, certified AZ medical marijuana patient Chris Martin, a celebrated chef and the founder of Billy Zonka 's edibles and the trendy ZonkaGear clothing line, is also facing more than 125yrs of charges for creating cannabis concentrates while he had an AZ MMJ patient card. This case has generated national attention and been profiled in PHX New Times:

Zonka Bar Bust - Phoenix New Times

In conjunction w Safer AZ and The Human Solution East Valley, Martin will be holding a press conference at Up in Smoke smoke shop in Tempe, Arizona to educate the public on the rights of defendants charged w cannabis offenses . Also on hand will be another celebrated AZMMJ patient being prosecuted under outrageous charges. Billy Hayes, another noted MMJ activist and prosecuted MMJ patient, will be on the panel. Billy Hayes - Phoenix New Times
The panel will discuss the struggles mmj patients face when prosecuted and what protections are needed to be built into the upcoming 2016 citizens' initiative for legalization. Safer AZ, Arizona’s cannabis reform PAC, sponsored the 2014 AZ marijuana legalization citizens initiative and is currently working with the cannabis reform groups and national cannabis reform leader, the Marijuana Policy Project, on the public outreach and drafting phases of the 2016 campaign.

Come to the event to share your experiences. Learn more about defendants’ rights and learn more about how you can help make marijuana legal in AZ in 2016.

Contact mikel weisser w Safer Arizona for more details:
Visit our website at:



The Marijuana Policy Project has plans to come legalize marijuana in Arizona in 2016.

Safer Arizona is coordinating with the MPP so as to ensure the people are aware of what is going on, have a chance to get involved well in advance, and that we have the right things on the ballot to benefit the people of Arizona.

There are a few things we want to discuss with the MPP. They are suggesting that the model of our Arizona 2016 initiative mirror the 2016 initiative currently circulating in Nevada. The Nevada initiative includes thing that Safer Arizona doesn’t agree with to like a 25 mile rule for even for recreational marijuana. It also doesn’t address gun owner’s rights, parental rights, states benefits, people in jail for marijuana, industrial hemp and a few other things.

The Safer Arizona Initiative of 2014 was aiming to address as many issues as possible to include gun owner’s rights, parental rights, states benefits, people in jail for marijuana, and industrial hemp. Now is the time to discuss and ensure we know what we want. Please click the here to join our event so you to tell us what you want on the 2016 ballot, what we should avoid, and tell us the justification for your opinion

1. Please review the following initiatives as they will help you gauge what we are working with.
2. To make things easy please make your post in this format.
a. Topic: (In all caps)
b. Input: ( Your input and justification)
i. (Example)
2. Input: I believe we should be able to grow enough to that people can juice and eat as much raw cannabis as they need too. Cannabis is non toxic, non psychoactive and healthy when consumed raw and there is no justification as to why it should be so expensive and hard to get seeing as how it is so easy to produce.

For those of you who don’t know how Ballot Initiatives work. There are several ways to make marijuana legal in Arizona. This method is called the “Ballot Initiative”. Every 2 years the registered voters can vote on laws they would like to change at the November elections. To get on the ballot the people of Arizona must write and file a ballot initiative with the secretary of state. Once the initiative is filed the citizens usually have around a year to collect enough signatures from Arizona registered voters to qualify for the ballot. Once these signatures are collected the initiative will be placed on the ballot and Arizona will be able to vote it into law. This is how Arizona legalized medical marijuana and how Colorado and Washington legalized recreational marijuana. Usually it takes several hundred thousand dollars and paid petitioners to see an initiative make it on the ballot. Safer Arizona attempted to do this process by filing our initiative to get on the 2014 election ballot. We had about 13 months to collect 260,000 signatures however we were all volunteers with no corporate funding. We did well for all volunteers. We supplied the state with nearly all the petitions needed to get the issue on the ballot for free however it is difficult to collect when you have other responsibilities. It is important we have a full time paid staff at Safer Arizona and paid petitioners. That is the vision of Safer Arizona for 2016 and beyond. So basically we need a lot of people collecting signatures once we file.

There are also a few other options we have.

One is to introduce bills into legislature which Safer Arizona was able to assist with this last year. We were able to submit HB2747
which was aiming to decriminalize cannabis in Arizona And HB2558 which aimed to legalize cannabis for adults 21 and over If you would like to participate more in the legislative side of law reform please contact
Dennis Bohkle: Phoenix
Mikel Weisser: Kingman
Robert Clark: Tucson

Furthermore; we have an independent constitutionalist named John Lewis Mealer who is running for Governor of Arizona. He is currently on the 2014 election ballot and vows to legalize cannabis and industrial hemp once elected. In that sense; Marijuana Legalization IS ALREADY ON THE BALLOT. We just have to vote John Mealer into office. Since he is an independent he does not have a party to run with like the republicans and democrats so he is using the Citizens Clean Cash Commission to get funded by the state. John refuses to accept corporate sponsorship as it commonly leads to third party special interest requests. So to qualify for 2 million dollars of campaign cash given by the State of Arizona John must collect a 5 dollar donation from 4,500 registered voters by mid august. To make it easy, half of them can be done fast online here. The other half must be done in paper and if you would like to help getting these 5 dollar contributions please contact John Lewis Mealer or Dave Wisniewski
Thank you
Safer Arizona

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