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Tom Dean – Attorney For Cannabis and David Stephen Wisniewski – Safer Arizona

Safer Arizona is rebooting the website after it shut down after we failed to get Cannabis Legalization on the 2018 election ballot. The philosophy that drives the operation is that cannabis ought to be as legal as tomatoes for adults 18 and over and that nobody should go to jail for cannabis. In addition to being politically active in the cannabis legalization movement, Safer Arizona is also know for sharing cannabis news, podcasts, legal advise, sometimes breaking news stories or even being part of cannabis news. Moving forward into 2020 and beyond, Safer Arizona has partnered with Tom Dean – Attorney For Cannabis to provide analytical breakdowns of cannabis movement news, create call to action tasks to push the movement forward, and bringing you unique news From-The-Trenches of the war on cannabis consumers. Additionally SaferArizona is a free speech safe haven for those who want to speak out and guest blog about cannabis things where they may be censored otherwise. The website is very empty at the moment and the official launch date is set in February some time. So enjoy the holiday season and we look forward to some intense media activism come the new year.

David Stephen Wisniewski.

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