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A local cannabis consumers rights group called Safer Arizona 2018 filed an initiative last week that would legalize cannabis in Arizona for adults 21 and over. After filing the initiative they received certain criticisms from cannabis consumers and non consumers that required attention and adjustment before signatures were collected. The initiative was filed again today Feb 21 2017 and the new initiative number is i-04-2018. The group plans on printing petitions this week and start getting them out to their over 300 volunteers starting this weekend. Provisions that were added last minute include the following.

  1. Increasing the penalty for selling cannabis with more than .3% THC to minors from a $2,500 fine to a $2,500 dollar fine and a misdemeanor criminal offense. 
  2. Ensuring cannabis sales are not authorized with in 1,000 feet of a school.
  3. Ensuring a license is required for all cannabis sales. 
  4. Ensuring that the Safer Arizona Cannabis Legalization Act in no way can be interpreted to amend the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. 
  5. Ensuring cultivation of cannabis is not authorized to be seen from a public place without optical aid at ground level. 

Despite these additional regulations the SACLA initiative would still be one of the most permissive cannabis laws in the USA when passed. Some of the key points of the initiative include the following.

  1. Repeal of cannabis prohibition, deletion of cannabis out of the Arizona Controlled Substances Act, and deletion of cannabis out of the Arizona Criminal Code. 
  2. Legal possession with no specified limit like alcohol possession. 
  3. 48 plants of home cultivation with out requiring a license.
  4. Legalization of hemp.
  5. Free market.
  6. No specified plant limit for license commercial entities.
  7. Gun owner protections.
  8. Parental custody right protections.
  9. Automatic DUI protections for the A3 DUI. (However you can still get an A1 DUI, impaired to the slightest degree)
  10. Places cannabis under the Department Of Agriculture.
  11. Prohibits the State of Arizona from bringing back prohibition.
  12. Provides post conviction relieve and post conviction expungement for prior nonviolent cannabis crimes. 
  13. All remaining penalties reduced to fines except when selling to a minor

Here is a link to the full text. 

For more information, to volunteer, or make a campaign contribution visit SaferArizona.com

Follow us on Facebook. www.Facebook.com/SaferAZ 

David Wisniewski – Executive Director

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