Donate To Safer Arizona Cannabis Legalization Campaign

Donate to the Safer Arizona Cannabis Legalization Act
Donate to the Safer Arizona Cannabis Legalization Act

Thank you for your interest in the Safer Arizona Cannabis Legalization Act.

Our board spent 7 months publicly drafting our initiative with community input and we are working hard to make the 2018 election ballot.

We have a some strategies on making the ballot from hosting meetings all over the state to distribute petitions, shipping petitions to volunteers who sign up online, and our home petition printing option. Recruiting volunteers is one of our strong points because our initiative is so beneficial to the consumers and the overall industry but one of the places we need help is our funds for shipping petitions and transportation costs for petition pick up and drop off.

We have been provided with the paper and resources to print all of the petitions we need to make the ballot. This is great news. To put it in perspective, the last two grass roots efforts for the 2014 and the 2016 effort could not get the logistical support to print all the petitions the entire campaign but this time we have all the logistical support in the front end of the campaign. The 2016 campaign ended their campaign engaging only 200 reported volunteers. This campaign has nearly 500 volunteers to engage who have signed up to receive petitions in the front part of our campaign. Things are looking very optimistic but we need to speed up petition distribution to make the ballot.

With that said. Despite having a larger volunteer force and all the logistical support we need to make the ballot we do need more funds for shipping and transportation at this time. Please help us our by making a campaign contribution today.

We believe we can make the ballot with minimal funds HOWEVER, once we make the ballot we expect the prohibitionists to put at least $10,000,000 against us in reefer madness propaganda. At that time we will need much more money to combat the prohibitionist advertisements.

With that said. Word of mouth can go along way so its important that the community reaches out to people on a regular basis to educate the public on the safety and uses of cannabis. Education is the key to our success at the ballot.  Again, thank you for the support and please make a campaign contribution today.

If you have any questions you can email or call at 623-200-7722 Thank you.


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