How you can help legalize cannabis in Arizona.

1. Contact your district representatives.

The State of Arizona is only run by these 90 people featured in the picture below. These people control our laws and have the power to legalize cannabis and hemp well before 2018 but the majority of them oppose legalization. We need an overwhelming show of force of phone calls, emails, letters, and organized assemblies in support for legalization directed at these people in order to get them to come to their senses. 

The first thing you can do to help is help us educate our leaders on cannabis truth and how legalization will help grow a Safer Arizona.  Click the image below to see the Arizona Legislature 2015-2016 Contact Guide. This is a tool that will help you find your own district representatives and how to contact them. It would be great if everyone contacted all of them but we ask that you at least contact your own district reps. Then once you have contacted them tell your friends and family to do the same.

Arizona Legislators 2015 - 2016 Contact Guide
Arizona Legislators 2015 – 2016 Contact Guide

2. Join the reform community.

Join the Safer Arizona Facebook Community.(if you use Facebook). Introduce yourself and tell us who you are.  Our Facebook community is a place to post safer pictures and stories, meet advocates, discuss reform, and above all work to grow a Safer Arizona. Getting involved in the community chat rooms, liking, and sharing information is a great way to spread the cause and grow the movement.

Click For Safer Arizona Facebook Community
Click For Safer Arizona Facebook Community

 3. Share us on social media.

Safer Arizona is at the center of the Arizona Grass Roots cannabis law reform movement. Sharing the existence of Safer Arizona with new people is how we get new activists to stand with us. It grows our cause, our community, and strengthens us as a whole. Please take a moment and share us all over your social media platforms and groups. 

4. Invite your friends and family to our events.

We have events you can view and attend however we need your help inviting friends and sharing the word about the event. Please join our Facebook events and invite as many people as possible. 

5. Sign up as an Official Safer Arizona Volunteer.

There are always things we can be doing to push the reform in our local communities. When you sign up as a volunteer we know to contact you about the kind of work best suited for you and include you more closely in the organizing of events.