Hempful Farms Cafe Introduces The Marijuana Show.

The Marijuana Show is the ideal opportunity for those individuals with original and great ideas applied to the cannabis industry. Basically it works like this. You can apply to be interviewed by The Marijuana Show, you send them your audition video for your business. Then if you qualify, The Marijuana Show will have you on their show to pitch your idea in effort to gain financial support and publicity for your business.

A few months back the Martins had submit their video application and got accepted to be featured on The Marijuana Show. The Hempful Farms video was recognized for having the best challenge video, best pitch, and having the most heart.

This is a great opportunity for hemp enthusiasts to help support Hempful Farms and the cannabis/hemp culture by subscribing to The Marijuana Shows YouTube channel and keeping an eye out for new episodes and updates.  For more information on The Marijuana Show TheMarijuanaShow.com 


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