Hempful Farms Grand Opening Postponed. Soft Opening Feb 18th


We will be open on Wednesday the 18th. 6:00AM to 2:00PM

We are just days away from when we wanted to have our grand opening. Unfortunately there were some unexpected delays with receiving some of the products we had hoped to have had on hand during our grand opening. As a result we will be having a “soft opening” on Wednesday February 18th instead and we have pushed our Grand Opening to the 28th.

Take a look around and soak in the Hempful vibes. 


Hemp Braiding Station.

When you come to Hempful Farms you will find what looks like a hemp spool on your table. This is your hemp braiding station. Hemp on key rings are sold 2 for a dollar at the register. Place your ring on a hook, braid, and enjoy.

Take a look at our menus in advance. Maybe you will have an idea of what you would like to try before hand.

Hempful Selfie Check In Campaign.

Please help us Hemp the world by participating in our. Hempful Selfie Check In Campaign.

The goal is to get hemp to go mainstream in our communities by sharing our wholesome healthy cafe with your friends and family so they can see first hand what hemp can do and why we need to legalize the cultivation of hemp in Arizona. Every new person you bring into the hemp community is another unit of strength in our fight to liberate hemp cultivation.

Participating is easy.

Step 1. Go to the south side of Hempful Farms Cafe and take a selfie with our giant hempful mural.

Step 2. Check in to Hempful Farms Cafe on your mobile devise.

Step 3. Share the Check in picture on your social media networks. 

Additionally: For those of you who are interested in a career in the Arizona Medical Marijuana industry.

By participating in our Hempful Selfie Check In Campaign you are qualified to enter an email drawing for free tickets to Herbal Risings Career Live classes on the principles and standards of cannabis care. There is a class on Thursday February 19th and Sunday February 22nd located at 6710 N. 47th Ave Glendale AZ 85301 2:00PM to 8:00PM.

This package comes with free job placement assistance and email blast which is 40 emails to hiring managers in your area.

These tickets are normally a $299 value.

We have 3 total tickets available. 1 for  Thursday February 19th and 2 for Sunday the 22nd

The winners of the drawing will be notified before 2pm February 18th by email and phone call to redeem your prize.

How to qualify for the drawing?

1.Take a selfie with the hempful mural on the south side of the building .


2. Check in to Hempful Farms Café and share your hempful picture on Facebook.

Screenshot_2015-02-13-22-33-39 (1)


3. Access the contact form from the cashier at the register by displaying your check in photo on your mobile device.


The contact form will consist of your name, email, and a contact number. We will notify you if you won the tickets by 2:00PM on the 18th.

If you want to take advantage of other Herbal Risings opportunities please click the Staff MMJ link below.

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