Legalize Marijuana In Arizona ONLINE.

“Long ago, a man once said said “One man cannot make a difference”………….Well that excuse doesn’t fly anymore. We have the internet now!”- Dave Wisniewski, Safer Arizona Chairman.

When I started Safer Arizona I was an active duty Sergeant in the Army stationed in South Korea. I helped run the organization for a year before I came back to the USA. Many of the things I did were very simple tasks but I was just constant at them and I was able to help build a community and movement. Any one else can make just as big as impact or bigger but sometimes we don’t know what to do because we are stuck at home but still have a computer. I have made a list of activities for people to do from their computer. These activities need to be done over and over and over and the result will be a huge cannabis culture and legalization. 


Online Activist Assignment Sheet.

1. Like and Share our social media links with your friends.

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-Website –


2. Subscribe to our blog via email at then tell your friends and family to subscribe by copying the following message and pasting it in emails, chat rooms, groups , instant messages, and private messages. 

Hey, as you may already know I am a volunteer with Safer Arizona Cannabis Legalization Political Action Committee. We just upgraded our website and it’s made it way easier to publish reform updates, legalization news, and calls to action to many people at once. One of the best ways to get right in the mix is to subscribe to our blog so that you get the latest and greatest news and events sent right to your email. Please help support the cannabis legalization movement and subscribe to the Safer Arizona Blog. Thank you. 🙂 


3. Join our Facebook Community

-Introduce yourself. Say hello and let us know what kind of things you are good at or are in to. Everyone brings something new to the table.


4. Meet the core. Find us and friend us on Facebook.

-Dave Wisniewski – Chairman

-Robert Clark – Co-Chairman

-Mikel Weisser – Treasurer

-Dennis Bohkle – Initiative Advisor

-Niccolas G – Petitioning Consultant

-Christina Herenow – HR Liaison

-Benny Herenow – HR Liaison


5. Join the Safer Arizona 2016 Cannabis Legalization Campaign. Vote for legalization! Event on Facebook.

Click “Going”


Click “invite” you will see a dropdown menu”


Choose “Choose Friends”

 Invite 2

Select all your friends in Arizona. Usually Facebook lets you select up to 1,500 people per event. The goal is to invite all 1,500 if you can. This may take a while, its okay to take breaks.

In the description of the event Safer Arizona 2016 Cannabis Legalization Campaign. Vote for legalization! Will be all the events we have planned up until the 2016 election. Look through them all, join them and promote them. current list of protests. You will notice there are many months with out events or incomplete. Our goal is at least 1 Safer event a month and we would like input from the community as well. We will continue to complete the schedule but If you have an idea for a protest please make the Facebook event and post it in this room or email us at so we can help organize and promote it.

6. Invite your friends to like the Safer Arizona Facebook Page.

7. Share our events and blogs in your social media groups.

8. Make a campaign contribution via debit, credit, or paypal @


9. Research events in Arizona we can have an impact on, compile them into a list and send them to

10. Contact your district representatives.

The State of Arizona is only run by these 90 people featured in the picture below. These people control our laws and have the power to legalize cannabis and hemp well before 2016 but the majority of them oppose legalization. We need an overwhelming show of force of phone calls, emails, letters, and organized assemblies in support for legalization directed at these people in order to get them to come to their senses. 

The first thing you can do to help is help us educate our leaders on cannabis truth and how legalization will help grow a Safer Arizona.  Click the image below to see the Arizona Legislature 2015-2016 Contact Guide. This is a tool that will help you find your own district representatives and how to contact them. It would be great if everyone contacted all of them but we ask that you at least contact your own district reps. Then once you have contacted them tell your friends and family to do the same.

Here is another tool to find what district you live in. 


 Here is the letter I sent to Senator Nancy Barto. 

Dear Senator Nancy Barto. My name is David Wisniewski, 26, M, Honorably Discharged Army Combat Veteran  (E-5).

 I am an Arizona resident living in your district and emailing you in regards to the safety of our community. In today’s culture there is no more argument the legalization of marijuana and industrial hemp are quickly approaching. Why?  Well here are 3 easy answers.

Prohibition did not work to reduce addiction, supply, or demand. After 40 years of drug prohibition and over a trillion dollars spent. Overall addiction rates are about the same, there are more drugs than ever before, they are more pure, and easier to get than ever before. The drug war failed and people are starting to repeal drug prohibition like alcohol prohibition to stop the damage being caused. Prohibition has been extremely effective in promoting and funding local organized crime all the way to funding international terrorism. In the land of the free we have the largest prison population on the planet. We should be ashamed for treating addicts and the mentally ill the same as violent criminals instead of medical patients. Marijuana prohibition is harmful to our communities.

Responsible marijuana consumption is healthy and saves lives. It was difficult for me to accept this truth because all my life I was taught in school that marijuana caused cancer, brain damage, and lung cancer. When you search for this you will find those to be myths. There is not 1 case of cancer or brain damage from marijuana alone and even the DEA admits there is no such thing as a death from a marijuana overdose. We were lied to about marijuana and now the true science is emerging. The hypocrisy of it is the Federal Government says in the controlled substance act that marijuana has no medical value when at the same time holding several patents on cannabinoids from marijuana as treatments for cancer and being good for the brain. Search U.S. Patent “6630507”

Industrial hemp can help heal the environment and economy. Hemp is an industrial super crop that is illegal to grow in Arizona because it is related to marijuana even though hemp cannot get you high. Hemp can be used to make bio fuel, building material, textiles, and over 50,000 other products. Hemp was so embedded in the USA that at one point in our history you could pay your taxes in hemp. Now it is a felony to grow even though hemp products are sold at the local Albertsons. We are taking our crops back and ending cannabis prohibition.

From your seat it may seem like there is not community support for legalization but ma’am I promise you that we are the majority. It is time for you to represent the majority. Ma’am I encourage you to support cannabis and hemp legalization globally. Research “cannabis prohibition history”, “CBD”, and “Health benefits of cannabis” The truth shall set you free. God Bless

Dave Wisniewski. 480-310-4915.

There is more than this and always something online to do. I will add more online assignment to this blog in time and If you have any other ideas of how you can help out please email us at

Thank you for your service. 

– Dave Wisniewski.





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