Printing AZ Cannabis Legalization Petitions From Home.

Ladies and gentleman. Thank you for participating in the Safer Arizona 2018 Cannabis Legalization Campaign. It has been a great campaign so far. We have printed nearly 50% of the petitions for the entire campaign and we have the resources to print the rest. One of our hang ups is the speed in which we are shipping our petitions to volunteers and we are working on speeding that up however another way to speed up the campaign us to allow volunteers to print AZ cannabis legalization petitions from home.

To start, please watch this tutorial video and fill out our Home Printing In-Kind Donation Form

Please become very familiar with all the steps on the form and on the video so that all your signatures count. If you have any questions please email or call 623-200-7722. Thank you.

The initiative consists of 8 sheets of paper. The front page has the signature sheet on the front and the notary page on the back. The remaining 7 pages are the initiative printed in its entirety in order double sided on legal paper.

1. Petitions MUST be printed on LEGAL sized paper which is 8.5 by 14 inches. DO NOT PRINT ON LETTER SIZED PAPER.

2. All 7 pages of the initiative MUST be stapled to the back of the front page double sided in order.

3. The signature and notary sheet will be printed in a landscape orientation while the initiative itself will be printed portrait.

4. Staple the packet together on the bottom left corner of the signature sheet so that the initiative itself opens up like a standard book.

5. You MUST check VOLUNTEER on the top right of the page before you collect any signatures.

6. You MUST annotate which county you are collecting from in the second blank above the signature table. Leave the first blank spot blank.

7. You MUST notarize your petitions before returning them to headquarters.

8. Ensure you have ink and the petitions are dark. NO FADED PETITIONS

9. Ship notarized petitions to P.O. Box 4541, Mesa, AZ, 85211

10. Re-submit the Home Printing In-Kind Donation when printing additional petitions.

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