Prop 205 Fails
Prop 205 Fails

Prop 205 lost the Arizona election by a narrow margin. At the time of being called a defeat by Fox 10 and KTAR. Results from show it failed 52% in favor and 48% opposedat 88% reported.

Many cannabis consumers voted no on prop 205 as it did not end prohibition ARS 13-3405, did not regulate cannabis anything close to alcohol regulations, created a felony enforced oligopoly for dispensary owners, created a new marijuana police force, granted temporary grow rights, left people in prison, and would expand the black market causing a potential increase in heavier prison sentences. This defeat can be compared to the Ohio marijuana monopoly that got voted down 2 years ago.

For many prop 205 was a step forward and a step backward at the same time. This rip in the communtiy that 205 caused resulted in its own demise.

The good news is that Safer Arizona 2018 is almost finished with our 2018 total cannabis decriminalization and legalization initiative that all consumers should be able to get behind and should be done this week. Once we finish it our board will vote on it and we must file it with the state to get a legislative review which could take 14 to 30 days. Once this review is complete we can file our initiative and start collecting signatures

We believe we can make the ballot with 1000 volunteers and $20,000 cash to print the petitions. However we will be combatting millions from the prohibitionists after we make the ballot.

Currently we have over 300 volunteers already signed up waiting for petitions and the resources with the help of Independent Wellness Center to print nearly 100,000 signatures worth of petitions. We only need 152,000 signatures to make the ballot but we are aiming for 300,000 by March 2018 to account for error but will have till early July 2018 to get them all submitted.

Join the team, help us get total legalization on the 2018 election ballot. Sign up as a volunteer today at

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