Safer Arizona 2018 PAC is quickly approaching our launch of our 2018 total cannabis legalization and decriminalization initiative.

We will need to collect 153,000 valid signatures from registered voters by early July 2018 to qualify for the 2018 election ballot. To account for error we are aiming for 300,000 signatures. We need as many volunteers as possible to make this happen but are aiming for at least 1,000 volunteers. You can voliunteer or make a campaign contribution here at from the home page. Currently we have enough paper to print 82,000 signatures worth of petitions at a 6 page initiative, near 300 volunteers signed up, and $2,700 in the bank for shipping and more petitions. 

Printer Paper

The latest version of the initiative formatted by Tom Dean Attorney For Cannabis is now available for review and critique. PLEASE NOTE. THIS IS NOT THE FINAL COPY. IT IS ONLY A DRAFT. IT IS NOT FINISHED. Before this initiative is filed with the Secretary Of State our board of directors must vote on it. We still have members of the cannabis industry who are scheduled to meet with us to advise us on ways to make this isnitative more palatable. We all want this to pass in 2018 so it is time to unite as a state behind one intiative. If you dispute any portion of this initiative for one reason of another please provide your input and suggestions to either or our Drafting Committee Room on Facebook. Thank you to all the volunteers and supporters. 2018 is our year. LETS GET MOTIVATED! 


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