Political Action Committee

Standard Operating Procedure


The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to give everyone clear direction on what needs to be done in every aspect of our campaign in order to make the 2018 election ballot. This SOP should describe every point from when the volunteer signs up online, how volunteers are in-processed, how they get petitions, how petitions are collected and returned for the final count.


1. Alexander Gentry, Chairman, Communications Assistant 

2. Patricia Pantel, Treasurer 

3. David Wisniewski, Executive Director, Communications, Volunteer Integration 623-200-7722

4. Zachary Ocker

5. Rain Baker

6. Greg Fox, Fundraising Assistant 

7. Tom Dean, Legal Director 

8. Catalina Vargas 

9. Eric Johnson 

10 Robert W Clark 

11. Michelle Westenfield

Mission Statement
• To make Arizona safer by working to end the violent war on cannabis consumers through complete cannabis decriminalization and legalization.
• To work for the compassionate relief, and cannabis property rights of all persons in Arizona.
• To serve and advocate for patients, victims of the drug war, and cannabis consumers.
• To partner with others in the community and work to improve the cannabis consumers quality of life.

Stated Goals

-Repeal ARS 13-3405 to end cannabis prohibition in Arizona.

-Provide unlimited home cultivation rights that can that no entity can prohibit.

-Provide unlimited cannabis possession rights.

-Provide protection for those who apply cannabis to their pets diet.

-Provide mandatory testing for commercial sales.

-Provide protections to transport all your cannabis.

-Provide protections for peer to peer sales.

-Provide public consumptions regulations of cannabis similar to tobacco regulations (Eric Says need to be more clear).

-Provide fair DUI laws that protect cannabis consumers from being detained for the suspicion of consumption of cannabis, arrested or prosecuted for the mere presence of metabolites in their system.

-Provide parental rights so that the government does not discriminate against parents who consume cannabis.

-Provide post conviction relief so that any person in the past who has been convicted of a marijuana crime, or accepted reduced charges in a plea bargain after being arrested for a marijuana crime would be given a complete and automatic pardon.

-Provide complete decriminalization and legalization of industrial hemp.

-Provide a large enough legal market to accommodate the demand of all Arizona cannabis consumers.

-Provide a tax cap not to be exceeded.

-Forbid the state government from helping any other government entity from enforcing any federal, international, or reservations, marijuana prohibition laws.

-Forbid law enforcement from using cannabis smell as a probable cause for a search

Powers of the board

  • Make decisions on the direction of the campaign.
  • Removal from the board:
  • From the day Board positions are voted in: After 6 month of time, each person will be reviewed by the board and participating community on their performance. The assessment will be based on what was supposed happen and what did happen. Officers should track their accomplishment to present at the time of review and a vote will be cast whether they have met the standard or if their performance fell below the standard. The standard is set by each listed job responsibility description that the officer is assigned to.
  • Board members requirements
    • Assume some responsibilities in at least 1 officer position
    • Attend board meetings, notify board of absence,
  • Appointment of additional board members:
  • It has been voted by our original formation board to start our permanent board with 15 members. We currently have 10. To add people to the board, a board member must make a motion to vote on who to add with a justification explained, the vote must be seconded, then there must be a majority vote of at least 51%. If we are to increase the board capacity, there must be a motion to increase capacity with justification, seconded by a board member and voted on. 75% of the board must be present to vote to add members or expand the board size however 51% of the full board is required for vote to pass.
  • Nomination and second of officers and majority board vote:
    • Any member of the Arizona cannabis community can nominate themselves as an officer and needs to be seconded to a board vote
  • Removal of officers
    • From the day Officer Positions are voted in. After 6 month of time, each person will be reviewed by the board and participating community on their performance. The assessment will be based on what was supposed happen and what did happen. Officers should track their accomplishment to present at this time and a vote will be cast whether they have met the standard or if their performance fell below the standard. The standard is set by each listed job responsibility description that the officer is assigned to.
  • Attendance
    • Board members and officers are expected to attend board meetings for direction, input, and voting purposes. If a board member does not attend a meeting they are expected to let others in the board know so that we have accountability. After 3 board meeting no call, no shows in a row the board may make a motion to review and recall that person.
  • Amendments
    • At any point any board member may make a motion to amend any part of this SOP. That motion must be seconded and explained to the board then will be put to a vote to include in the SOP. 75% of the board must be present to amendment this SOP, hoever 51% of the full board is required for vote to pass.
  • Minimum Participation for a board meeting
    • With the exception of adding board members, expanding the board, amending this SOP, the minimum number of board members to conduct a board vote is 60% of total board only after reasonable attempts to include 100% of the board were made.
  • Voting
    • At any time a board member may make a motion to vote and if the motion is seconded the board member who made the motion must state their case then the board must vote on that topic. The vote may take place at the following board meting.
  • Majority vote
    • A majority vote is 51% or more of participating voters
  • Appointment of Drafting Committee
    • Board must hold a public drafting committee formation meeting and invite citizens to attend and provide input.
        1. Board members must be nominated and seconded to be considered for the vote.
        2. Any Arizona resident may provide input. Any suggestion other than what is in the stated goals must be seconded then will be addressed, considered, and voted upon .
    • The board will vote in the drafting committee

i. Drafting of original legalization initiative

ii. Drafting of corrective initiative 

    • Drafting committee hosts drafting meetings, collects community input online and in person. Community input other than what is already in the stated goals must be seconded then will be addressed, considered, and voted upon.
    • Drafting committee will consult the legal director and scrub language against Sheila Polk MPP Fraud Lawsuit.
    • Adoption of the initiatives by board
      • All sections of initiatives must be reviewed in a public meeting setting and voted on by the board. 
      • The initiatives must reflect the stated goals and approved input from the community
      • Once entire initiative has been voted in it will be considered the final copy
      • If the CRMLA initiative passes we will file the CRMLA Corrective Initiative
      • If the CRMLA Initiative fails we will file the traditional initiative.

Board/Officers Positions

Chairman (Alexander Gentry)

  • Preside over board or committee meetings and develops the meeting format to follow. 
  • Ensures that the meetings run smoothly and remain orderly 
  • Works at achieving a consensus in board decisions.
  • Checks up on all board/officers progress
  • Oversees master trackers with Secretary

Executive Director (David Wisniewski) (shall not be chairman of the board) 

  • Meet with the board regularly to keep them informed on operational issues and work with them to come up with strategic solutions.
  • Setting income goals with treasurer
  • Set standards for serving the organization’s targeted needs
  • Spokesman to media and at public events
  • Works toward keeping high motivation and moral throughout the campaign

Deputy Director(Megan Jonas)

  • Communicate organization goals and operational plans to all levels of the organization and to donors.
  • Assist the executive director with strategic planning and coordination of the organization’s programs, projects, and policy positions.
  • Full delegated authority to act on behalf of the Executive Officer in their absence
  • Communicate with departments heads on a weekly basis about what is going on in their department. 
  • Summarize each department situation report in a paragraph including the needs of the department after board meetings
  • Check with the Volunteer Officer to make sure that all incoming emails have been processed 
  • Check with the Shipping Officer to ensure all petition orders have been processed correctly
  • Check with the Fundraising Officer to ensure merchandise orders have been processed. 
  • Check that all county coordinator rooms are to standard. (Pinned post)
  • Side Duty Volunteer integrator. 
  • Understand ALL positions and work to fill them ALL
  • Collect Petitions from Regional/County Coordinators
  • Works toward keeping high motivation and moral throughout the campaign

Treasurer (Catalina Vargus) 

  • Recruit volunteers to assist in department operations
  • Track department personnel on spread sheet with name, phone number, email
  • Assesses financial risks 
  • Financial planning
  • Financial Record Keeping
  • Delegate the following responsibilities to department personnel
  • Manage cash for PAC
  • Itemize the financial needs of the total campaign 
  • Track all incoming and out-going money
  • Brainstorm on fundraising ideas. Work to implement them.
  • Report financial needs and progress to board meeting

Secretary(Zack Ocker)

  • Takes minutes of board meetings,
  • Account for master trackers. Petition tracker, Volunteer tracker, Stationary Locations Tracker
  • Creates meeting events on FB as well as other platforms
  • Gather data for meeting agendas

Legal Advisor (Tom Dean)

  • Legal counsel to assist in drafting and ensure text of the initiatives address all goals and can be applied once passed with the least possible foreseeable resistance 
  • Compare language to complaints for MPP Fraud Lawsuit to ensure we comply with projected lawsuit
  • Recruit Admin Assistant  

Communication Officer (David Wisniewski, Alexander Gentry, )

  • Recruit volunteer help for department
  • Track department personnel on spread sheet with name, phone number, and email.
  • Delegate the following responsibilities to department personnel
  • Internet Promotion, FB, Massroots, Instagram, Make memes, Make Photoshop adds
  • Press Releases, Write up a who, what when where why, email it to press.
  • Advertisement, reaches out to advertising outlets and gets estimates and presents those findings to the board. 
  • Campaign literature development assistance and distribution 
  • Production Crew, Create 30 to 60 second commercials promoting work and training videos for as many aspects of the campaign as possible.
  • Reach out to local radio to inquire about ad time
  • Create memes to promote the campaign

Volunteer Officer (David Wisniewski)

  • Fine tune the Volunteer Integration Department so that every level top to bottom runs smoothly.
  • Recruit VI Team, volunteers, volunteer recruiters, and fill all positions on campaign map.
  • Look at Email for incoming volunteer sign up forms
  • Call volunteer, introduce yourself as Volunteer Officer for Safer Arizona 2018 Cannabis Legalization Political Action Committee (Develop Script With Team)
  • Thank them for volunteering, Ensure they got the introduction email with training videos. (Develop Email With Team*Template complete)
  • Go over different jobs and descriptions to see what they are interested in, Let them know what is in particular need.
  • Explain the Facebook county rooms and main room, ensure they are joined and know who their county coordinator is. Send them the group link
  • Ask them to sign up for the blog at, Send them the link
  • Ask them to refer friends to volunteer or donate. 
  • Verify their address and how many petitions they want
  • Check if they are legal to collect signatures 
  • Send Shipping order to for processing
  • Oversees training and trackers, requests training videos from production crew. collects data, and reports on incoming volunteers.
  • Recruit volunteer help for department and region
  • Track department personnel on spread sheet with name, phone number, email
  • Delegate responsibilities to department personnel

Fundraising Officer(Empty with Gregs Help)

  • Recruit volunteer help for department and over see progress
  • Track department personnel on spread sheet with name, phone number, email
  • Delegate the following responsibilities to department personnel
  • Tracks and reports on the needs of the campaign, 
  • Brainstorm event ideas and present them to board meetings
  • Responsible for online square shop
  • Receives orders, fills them, and ships them
  • Brainstorms on new things to sell
  • Coordinate with finance to allocate funds properly
  • Promote products on social media
  • Brainstorm new ways of fundraising and present them to board meetings
  • Fundraising event coordination

Petitions, Logistics, & Shipping (Annita Clark)

  • Recruit volunteers to help in this department. (Unassigned)
  • Track department personnel on spread sheet with name, phone number, and email. (Unassigned)
  • Assign the following tasks to volunteer department personnel on this departments Facebook group pinned post. (Unassigned)
  • Make the email and provide the password to the board. (Unassigned)
  • Determine costs of the department.(Unassigned)
  • Communicate with finance the financial needs of the department. (Patricia Pantel)(Unassigned)
  • Get a quote on the total number of petitions needed to achieve 230,000 signatures and 330,000 signatures and the cost to print 100% of the petitions. (Petition length would be required)(Unassigned)
  • Estimate how many projected shipping consoles will be needed for the entire campaign and get a quote their cost. (Petition length may be required)(Unassigned)
  • Get a quote on Uhaul Storage from November 2016 to November 2018.(Unassigned)
  • Create 15 Banker Boxes Label them by county. These will be used to store incoming completed petitions in the Uhaul storage.(Unassigned)
  • Schedule routine shipping day (Unassigned)
  • Ask for donations to your particular department. (Unassigned)
  • Organize and help facilitate the printing purchase with the treasurer.(Unassigned)
  • Schedule petition assembly parties and assemble petitions if needed. (Unassigned)
  • Check email SaferAZShipping@Gmail for Incoming petition order forms.(Unassigned)
  • Fill the orders.(Unassigned)
  • Once orders are filled, forward the petition order form to corresponding county coordinator. and to to be used as a master list of all sent petitions. (Unassigned)
  • Collect and hoard fed ex envelopes. (Unassigned)
  • Updates petition count on (Unassigned)
  • Scrub samples of petitions against register voter database. (Unassigned)
  • Communicate with Social Media the financial needs and progress of the department. (Unassigned)
  • Receive incoming petitions fromPO.Box, sort, and store them in Uhaul stage banker boxes(Unassigned)

Political Officer (Empty)

  • Assists in connecting PAC to legislatures during the 2017 legislative session to lobby elected officials to push our ideas on a legislative bill

General Duty Descriptions

Volunteer Integration (VI) Department – Required Board involvement: Regional Coordinators- Deputy Director

Volunteer Petition Flow Description

Scenario I The Volunteer Can Pick Up Petitions At Coordinator Meeting.

All volunteers sign up at on the sign up form. Volunteer In-processing receives the email and contacts the volunteer to place them in their position and direct them to their county coordinator. Volunteer In-Processing then forwards the email to the corresponding county coordinator. The County Coordinator will then contact the volunteer to introduce themselves, explain when and where the meetings are and the volunteer can come pick up and drop off petitions.

Scenario II The Volunteer Needs Petitions Mailed.
All volunteers sign up at on the sign up form. Volunteer In-processing receives the email and contacts the volunteer to place them in their position, direct them to their county coordinator, and place petition order for the volunteer. The petition order form will go to Petitions & Shipping to be filled and sent. Once sent the shipping order will be forwarded to the corresponding County Coordinator.

General Volunteer Job Description (GV)

Stationary Location Manager (SLM)

  • Sign up as a volunteer at
  • Reports to County Coordinators
  • Become a notary ( VIDEO:How To Become A Notary
  • Aquire your local “Beat” of stationary locations to manage
  • Plot them on a google map 
  • Develop relationship with store owners
  • Provide campaign materials as needed
  • Aquire blank petitions
  • Travel rout, notarize, collect, and replenish petitions
  • Deliver collected and notarized petitions to your corresponding county coordinator.

County Coordinator (CC)

  • Sign up as a volunteer at
  • Host a weekly or bi-weekly meeting to distribute, collect, and notarize petitions. (Starting November 2016)
  • Create County Coordinator Email (Or use personal)
  • Check County Coordinator email for incoming volunteers
  • Become a notary ( VIDEO:How To Become A Notary
  • Receive Bulk Petitions In Mail – Mail them back notarized
  • Communicate with local volunteers, track their petitions and progress on spread sheet.
  • Manage Group Rooms (Utilize Pinned Posts With Your contact info, meeting dates and locations, local events)
  • Report on the situation of your county with Weekly or biweekly report form. (Link to report Form(Form Not Yet Made)
  • Verify petition are to standard before shipping
  • Track stationary locations and ensure the managers are visiting them.
  • Conduct residual training.

Regional Coordinators (RC)

  • Sign up as a volunteer at
  • Manage Regional Facebook Group. Includes Regional Coordinator, Board Members, And County Coordinators with in that region.
  • Work with current county coordinators to recruit more county coordinators, general volunteers and stationary locations managers. Fill the county rooms.
    • Recruiting by activity joining FB Groups to promote in and Posting as Safer Arizona
  • Ensure county rooms with in designated county are being used properly and to standard in regards to the pinned post.
  • Assist with Volunteer Integration Department
  • Reach out to all county coordinators weekly or by weekly to inquire about petition pick up
  • Communicate the situation of the county coordinators, if they need help, what kind of help, (Maybe create a standardized questionnaire for the RC to ask the CC


Safer Arizona Community Code Of Conduct

Although you are a volunteer, you are still expected to follow the rules of conduct expected of all Safer Arizona members.
If any part of our code of conduct is recognized to be violated you will be concealed by an admin where we will identify the violation and you will be politely asked to correct your behavior. If violations persist you will be asked to leave or be removed from our operation.

you are expected to:
• Treat patrons, visitors, artists, fellow volunteers and staff with respect and courtesy
• Be sensitive to the diverse people involved with the campaign
• Conduct yourself in a manner that is befitting a positive organizational image
• Do not show up or become intoxicated while representing Safer Arizona
• Show up on time and dressed appropriately for scheduled events and shifts
• Do not engage in cannabis transfers with the general public.
• Contact the County Coordinators immediately when you must cancel a scheduled volunteer engagement
• Keep all information you handle confidential
• Smile and have fun. In return from your Safer Arizona Leadership you can expect to:
• Have your concerns, problems and issues heard
• Be treated with respect and courtesy
• Be kept informed about changes within the campaign that pertain to you
• Be provided with a safe atmosphere in which to volunteer
• Be provided with necessary training opportunities
• Be appreciated for your contributions to the organization. While we appreciate the time you graciously donate to the Safer Arizona Cannabis Legalization Campaign & Community, reported negative behaviors will be investigated and, depending on frequency and severity, could result in counseling and removal from our operation.