Statewide Day of Action – Saturday July 15th

On July 15, we are calling for a massive Day of Action.

Walk your neighborhood, throw a signing party in your home, canvass a library or other public place, whatever strikes you as an effective way to advance the cause. We will wrap up our day of action by hosting a Joint Bake Sale, with Grassroots Citizens Concerned, at Bud’s Glass Joint 6-10 PM.

Why is Safer Arizona teamed up with Grassroots Citizens Concerned and collecting signatures for #Refer2404?

In March of 2017, the Arizona legislature passed a bill that sets the financial bar for initiatives and referendums higher than ever before. If we don’t stop it, HB2404 will silence ordinary people by ensuring that only the most financially privileged people can place measures on the ballot. HB2404 directly affects our effort to end cannabis prohibition in Arizona.

Learn more about Grassroots Citizens Concerned & #Refer2404 by following these links: