What is Safer Arizona?

Safer Arizona is a political action committee that sponsors and supports ballot initiatives and legislative action for the legalization of adult use of cannabis and industrial hemp in Arizona. 

Legislative Action Proposals

  1. Harm reduction – Removing felony penalties for small amounts of marijuana.
  2. Medical Marijuana patients grow rights. Rescinding the 25 mile rule, giving all medical marijuana patients the right to grow there own marijuana.
  3. Property seizures not unless there is a criminal conviction. Modeled after a law recently passed in Minnesota.
  4. Good Samaritan for people who have overdosed. Person taking them to hospital or calling emergency have immunity from prosecution. Modeled after Colorado law.
  5. Casey law like Kentucky’s. Getting underage people with addiction problems into detox and rehab facilities by the parent petitioning the court.
  6. DUI Law amendments to add protections from false prosecution. Making video records of sobriety tests required to be present as evidence in court.
  7. Jury Nullification court rule changes. We want to change the instructions to the jury to include the decision as to whether the law should have been applied in this circumstance.
  8. Post Conviction Relief. Giving those nonviolent offenders already in prison for marijuana only offences the opportunity to apply for their freedom.

Where We Came From

Most of us have been victimized by our failed and morally wrong marijuana prohibition laws. Dennis had faced charges for driving under the influence weeks after he had consumed marijuana just because the drug can stay in the body for over 30 days.
Robert fights for patient’s rights as a medical marijuana patient himself. Too many people can be helped with cannabis versus using deadly pills but do not qualify for the medical marijuana card.
Dave was arrested twice for marijuana in high school and almost graduated high school as a triple felon before he even got to start his life. He says he was lucky because there are so many other people sitting is prison and oppressed for life because they made the choice to use marijuana over alcohol or pharmaceuticals because they are less harmful to their body. All of us have seen this injustice and have made it our mission to see that we end this devastating prohibition and help create a Safer Arizona.

Where We Are Going

Our end goal is to see that marijuana is legalized for adults in Arizona and to reestablish the Industrial Hemp industry. We want to see homes built with hemp, vehicles running off hemp fuel, illnesses cured, gang violence reduced, alcoholism reduced, and the world we were meant to live in and that our forefathers intended for us.